Employees at Trojan joined hands in a solemn moment of silence, paying heartfelt homage to the valiant martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation. Trojan Construction Group, a leading entity in the construction industry, took a break from their daily activities to pay tribute to the martyrs, whose courage and commitment continue to resonate throughout the nation. The entire office came to a standstill as employees from various departments joined together in a gesture of respect for the fallen heroes. 

The management of Trojan Construction Group expressed their gratitude and unwavering support for the UAE Armed Forces. The company reiterated its commitment to honoring the memory of the martyrs, stating that their sacrifices would never be forgotten.

On Martyrs Day, Trojan Construction Group promises to keep helping the UAE grow and become better. We remember and honor those who gave up everything for our country. The heroes' legacy stays with us, and their bravery will always encourage the Trojan family and the whole nation.