CEO message

Royal Advance is a regional leader in the electromechanical works, providing world-class solutions to our clients. We employ the best, highly-motivated employees, and use state-of-the-art operational skills and technology. We are specialized in electromechanical contracting for various types of building and infrastructure works. Being a member of the Trojan Construction Group, Royal Advance has the capabilities, qualifications, and experience to design and execute projects of various sizes and of different uses. This includes both residential and commercial high-rise buildings, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, universities, schools, mass housing villa compounds, palaces, military projects, factories, data centers, hotels, mixed-use complexes, and museums. Our view on quality implementation is one that elevates employee contribution. We have done this through continual improvement of certifications such as: ISO 14001 9001, OHSAS 18001, all relevant HSE legislative requirements by way of hands-on experience, along with knowledge-sharing, all culminating in a healthy, professional, and transparent working environment.